Champing at the get fit for life!

There's a lot of exciting things happening in the physical activity space in schools. Read about what Ouse District School has been up to, and the outcomes they are seeing for students and family engagement!

What an exciting time in the sport and physical activity space with the recent launch of the Guide to Physical Activity in Tasmanian Government Primary Schools!  

To complement the wealth of resources and ideas in the guide and school Action Pack,  a number of physical literacy programs are available to schools that can provide a convenient whole of school approach to assist in providing DoE's recommended 2 hours of timetabled physical activity for all students. 

The Regional Sport Coordinators supported DoE schools to access Sporting Schools Plus - a pilot program funded by Sport Australia. Ouse District School was one such school who used the funds to implement Champion Life - a program that combines guided physical activity, social and emotional learning with real-time wellbeing data.

During the program, Ouse students’ self-awareness and empowerment of their own wellbeing and learning flourished. Students were excited to connect online with peers from across Australia, enabling meaningful connections and a unique learning platform particularly important during the challenging and isolating COVID-19 environment. The most impactful outcome of the program for Ouse DS however, was the positive community and parent engagement that resulted  in maximum parent attendance at a number of school events! 

This year schools registered with the Move Well Eat Well program have the opportunity to participate in the Transform-Us! pilot project in Tasmania for free. Transform-Us! provides schools and teachers with online training and resources to support a physically active school environment and incorporate movement into the classroom and everyday lessons. The program has been used in Victoria for over 12 years to support students in more than 370 schools to improve activity levels.

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